Following on from the Job Retention Scheme support provided for those in employment, HM Revenue & Customs will be contacting you if you are registered as self-employed and:


  1. your profits are less than £50,000; and

  2. your profits account for more than 50% of your total income.


To be eligible you must also meet the following criteria:


  1. you have traded in the tax year 2019/20;

  2. you must be trading when you apply, or would be except for Coronavirus;

  3. you must intend to continue to trade in the tax year 2020/21;

  4. you must have lost trading profits due to Coronavirus;


Our understanding is that, even if you have still worked to some degree during this period, you will still be eligible to claim the full grant.


If you wish to check to see whether you are eligible for the grant then follow the link below and have your Unique Tax Reference number (UTR) and National Insurance number to hand ready to enter where appropriate. After entering these details HM Revenue & Customs will confirm the date you can make the claim or if you are not eligible to do so.




Your UTR or National Insurance number can either be found on any paper tax returns we have sent you in the past, at the top of the tax calculations, or on the front of the tax returns that we have sent to you via our website portal, IrisOpenSpace.


Unfortunately, HM Revenue & Customs are not allowing accountants the ability to make claims on behalf of their clients and therefore you will need to log into your own Government Gateway account to make the claim.


  • If you have an existing Government Gateway account then when you log on to your account there should be a button available to press that says that you can make the claim at any time after 13th May 2020 – you will be allocated a time slot..  Thereafter you will simply need to follow the instructions, tick boxes as appropriate, confirm a) to d) above and then provide your bank details so that they can make the payment to you, which will cover April, May and June, hopefully sometime after 26th May 2020 or 6 days after your application.  This will be one single claim and one single payment to cover the three month period. Please ensure this payment is reflected in your business records as it will form part of your taxable income for 2020/21.


  • If you have a Government Gateway account and have mislaid your User ID then unfortunately you will need to contact HM Revenue & Customs direct – this is personal to you and not something that we can help with.  If you have forgotten your password then simply follow the link for “forgotten password” – again this is not information we hold on file for you.


  • If on the other hand you do not have an existing Government Gateway account then you will need to create one by following the link below.




You will need to


  • Press the green “sign in”

  • On the next page scroll to the bottom and press “continue to your account”

  • On the next page scroll down to below the green “sign in” button and press “create sign in details”

  • Enter your e-mail address

  • You will be e-mailed a confirmation code to enter where indicated

  • You will then need to set up a password and a recovery word

  • You will be issued with a User ID

  • Select “Individual” account required

  • There will be some extra security to be undertaken via mobile or email

  • You will need your passport for personal identification


This should complete the registration process so you can now return to the link above.



Please ensure you keep a safe record of your USER ID and PASSWORD as these are unique and personal to you, we do not have access to these details and do not have the ability to be able to log onto your personal Government Gateway account at any time. 

As your Accountants we only have limited access to certain information regarding your tax affairs via our “agent” authorisation but this will not enable us to make the claims on your behalf.

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